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The Life of a Professional Chef

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A professional chef, wishing to remain anonymous, works at a private club in New York City, New York. Living a short train ride from the city, she rises before the sun to get to her kitchen and begin the prep work for breakfast. The five star club begins serving breakfast within an hour of her arrival. The first rush begins with the usual breakfast crowd. After the breakfast service, the chef must clean up and begin preparing the menu for lunch. Recovery time is short before the lunch crowd begins to enter. The fast-paced job keep her wired throughout her sometimes 16 hour day as she makes her way though lunch and moves on to dinner. By the time the last patrons leave and this chef has cleaned her kitchen to meet her high standards, she heads for the train once again for the journey home. In this case, the chef has a family and often times, she must cook another meal once she gets home. The unnamed chef reports that she often so wound up from the day’s event, it is difficult for her to calm down and relax. With the energy of her day still coursing through her veins, she might choose to start household chores. One thing is a constant for this career-oriented woman, sleep is usually the last thing on her mind and she often only gets a few hours of rest before it’s time for her to begin the entire sequence of events again. One would venture to guess that the five-star chef should seek relief. Research has shown that Somatomax is now the highest rated sleep aid on the market today. Somatomax is an all-natural supplement that should be used with care. Warnings insist that it can become addictive if misused. However, the ingredients of this supplement are effective sedatives such as L-Phenylalanine, most often used for depression is proven to improve mood. L-arginine HCI is an amino acid that helps the blood vessels to relax. This is shown to improve sleep and also encourage muscle recovery. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, or GABA, blocks neurotransmitters to improve mood and reduce sleeplessness. These are just a few of the ingredient. Other ingredients lessen anxiety in an effort to help the consumer relax. So, the remaining question that is on everyone’s mind is “is it safe?” Consumers have reported that the supplement definitely helped them sleep, but they were in worse shape than ever when they stopped taking it. Instructions warn the consumer to take with caution and to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid such complications. Some consumers have sought out help with their insomnia after reading that Somatomax stimulates human growth hormones. This can improve sleep quality and is reported to improve mood, energy levels and possibly increase sexual drive/desire. The five-star chef would definitely need to do her homework before she put her livelihood with this supplement. Careful and light use of the product on occasion could be just what she needs to feel normal again. But, consumers should do their research. With addictive properties, someone with addiction issues would definitely want to steer clear of the product. Consumers who can use the product in moderation may find the answer to their sleeping issues and improve their overall energy and quality of life.

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