Which Is Better? Personal Chef Or Private Chef?

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Which Is Better? Personal Chef Or Private Chef?

If you have long working hours, it’s often difficult to prepare homemade meals for your family. With your work schedule becoming busier, your body’s nutritional demands increase and at the same time your family needs to eat. Imagine if you have just come home tired or exhausted and very hungry, the last thing you need to do is to prepare a family meal in the kitchen. Most people prefer ordering takeout which is not healthy. Before you rush to the nearest McDonald’s, you should consider hiring someone else to cook for you.

Distinction Between Personal Chefs And Private Chefs

• Personal Chefs

A personal chef prepares custom meals for different clients and freezes or packs them to give their clients at a later time. Most personal chefs opt to prepare the meals in the client’s kitchen by bringing along all the ingredients and tools required for each specific meal. If you need a specific meal each day, the personal chef you should consult the personal chef who will go shopping for the various ingredients. Next, he /she will prepare the meal for you and leave it neatly packed in your kitchen.

Personal chefs usually work for many clients at once hence a very strict schedule. In some cases, personal chefs usually cater for a special event at a client’s home. There are also some who work part-time at a restaurant with a personal chef gig on the side. There are many personal chefs who offer their clients cooking lessons and nutritional advice when necessary.

• Private Chef

This is a chef who only works for one client specifically. He/she lives at the client’s home and takes full charge of the kitchen which involves cooking and cleaning the kitchen after every meal. A private chef also keeps the pantry fresh and stocked and serves all the family meals when necessary.

Since a private chef is in charge of everyone’s meal preferences, he/she should take note of what everyone in the family likes or dislikes or is allergic to. A private chef is allowed to add creativity and expertise to every meal to make it scrumptious for every member of the family. If you’re hosting a special event in your family, the private chef might do it all alone or hire some help to make the occasion marvelous.
With this clear distinction you should be able to decide the best chef option preferable to your family.

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